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Project Pet Slim Down: Easy DIY Catnip Filled Cat Toy

Project Pet Slim Down: Easy DIY Catnip Filled Cat Toy

93 million cats and dogs are considered overweight or obese. Two live in my household. I decided it’s time to do something about it.

A few weeks back I clipped a Target store coupon for Purina One Beyond cat food. The accompanying ad was promoting an online program to help your pet lose weight, called Project Pet Slim Down. I thought I’d give it a try. I visited the Project Pet Slim Down website and created a profile for my three cats.

Project Pet Slim Down. Brillo's starting weight is 18 pounds.Meet Brillo. Brillo is about 14 years old. A food hound, Brillo has noticeably put on weight. Brillo is somewhat playful, but only in short bursts. Like most cats, he spends a lot of time lounging around, making an appearance only when hungry. Brillo’s starting weight is a whopping 18 pounds. Goal weight: 13 pounds.

Project Pet Slim Down: Sprite, 14 pounds.Meet Sprite. Sprite is about 13 years old. Sprite loves to snuggle up on blankets and cuddle on laps. She is also concerned with feeding time. But Brillo has been pushing her out of her food dish, and she has started losing weight. Sprite enjoys playtime, and she has been more energetic since slimming down. Sprite’s starting weight is 14 pounds. Goal weight: 13 pounds.

Project Pet Slim Down: Twizzler, the skinny kitty.This is Twizzler, the skinny kitty, at 12 years old.  Twizzler has always been a petite, playful cat. She is mischievous,  getting into anything and everything. Some of her favorite play toys include rubber bands, pipe cleaners, and twist ties. At 8 pounds, Twizzler’s role in Project Pet Slim Down is to model a healthy lifestyle for her siblings.

First step in Project Pet Slim Down is reducing our cat’s food portions (except Twizzler, who doesn’t eat enough as it is), and try to keep Brillo from eating more than his allotted meal. The next step is mobilizing the kitties. We started giving them at least 15 minutes of play time twice daily. To aid with this, I put together a quick and easy catnip filled toy from items I had on hand.

Easy DIY Catnip Play Toy

DIY Catnip Play Toy Fabric Pouch

First, I put some catnip onto a fabric scrap. The scrap I used is a light mesh-type material, about 6″ x 6″.

diy-catnip-play-toy-fabricpounch withcatnip-bunchupfabric

I bunched up the fabric around the catnip.

Secure the pouch with string.

Next, I secured the pouch with a piece of string that is about 24″ long.

Tie the pouch to a wooden stick.

Lastly, I tied the other end of the string to a wooden dowel. That’s it, now play!

What did the cats think? Take a look at the album below. I think you’ll agree it was a success. After play time, Brillo went up for a nap and forgot to come down for dinner. That was a first.



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