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Worn T-Shirt Transformed into Boutique-Worthy Creation

Worn T-Shirt Transformed into Boutique-Worthy Creation

Re-purposed T-Shirt Transformed into Botique Worthy Shirt

A while back, I dressed-up several plain t-shirts using transfers and other embellishments. One of the transfers that I applied had worn away almost completely. Other than that, the shirt was in good shape. I decided I’d use some fabric scraps and fusible interfacing to refresh my shirt. Here’s what I came up with.

Faded T-shirt desperately needs a makeover!

Here’s my shirt. You can see that the transfer is mostly faded. I decided to ¬†apply fabric scraps to the shirt to cover it up.

Draw a shape on paper to apply to shirt

First, I headed over to the recycling bin and picked up a piece of scrap paper. I drew a heart onto the paper. I want to use fabric scraps to create a patchwork effect, so I divided the heart into sections.

Cut out heart and trace onto double sided fusible webbing

I cut out the heart, and traced it onto a piece of double-sided fusible interfacing. The interfacing will act as glue, bonding the fabric to the shirt.

Cut out Double Sided Fusible Interfacing

I cut out the fusible interfacing carefully. I want to make sure that my heart is cut to the exact size so that the fabric bonds well along the edges. I want to make sure that the interfacing doesn’t extend past the fabric either.

I cut my heart into smaller sectionsNext, I carefully cut my pattern along the lines I drew earlier. I numbered the pieces starting with the upper left and continuing clockwise so that I could easily reassemble them.

Sections reassembled

Here’s how the sections ¬†look when put back together.

Choosing Fabric for Each Section

Now the fun part. I selected scraps of flannel and felt in coordinating colors. Some of the fabric is patterned and some is a solid color. Brillo and Sharon helped me choose fabric for each section. Of course, Brillo choose the “cute cat” fabric and Sharon’s favorite was the dog fabric!

Pin pattern piece to fabric scrap

I pinned each pattern piece to the selected scrap.

Cut fabric for each piece.

I cut each piece very carefully. I want to make sure the pieces fit together nicely to form the completed heart.

Piece together pieces on top of fusible interfacing.

Now it’s time to start assembling. First place the fusible interfacing in position. Then, arrange the fabric pieces on top, carefully aligning the edges.

Iron Fabric to Shirt

Now it’s time to iron. Use a medium hot iron and press firmly over the fabric for several seconds. If using heavy fabric (like the felt I used), it might be necessary to increase the temperature, or to lay a damp cloth over top of the fabric to add some steam.

Top Stitch for decoration.

After the heart was adhered, I added some top stitching for the finishing touch!

Final Patchwork Heart T-Shirt

The finished shirt looks great. Project cost = $0.00. I used leftover fabric and interfacing that I had to transform my worn t-shirt into a high-end piece! I think I might try using a daisy for my next shirt.

Have you tried this project? What shape did you use? Please share your photos with us!

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