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Why Should I Train My Dog Anyway?

Why Should I Train My Dog Anyway?

Do you have a rambunctious dog that other people avoid? A well trained dog is more likely to be appreciated by other people.  Several weeks ago I was walking my Golden Retriever early in the morning. We were on are way back to the house as students were making their way to their bus stop at the end of the street. One young girl mentioned that she was afraid of dogs and asked if my dog would bite. I explained that he was very friendly. Seeing that she wanted to pet my dog, but was quite apprehensive, I asked River to lie down. The girl was shocked with how well my Golden Retriever listened and responded to my request. She found it a lot easier coming over to pet a well behaved dog and although she had been afraid she exclaimed that she would like to have a dog just like River!

Do you pay more for rent or home owners insurance because you have a dog? A lot of companies offer discounts to owners that have taken the time to train their dog and proven their dog’s skills by passing a Canine Good Citizen Test!

Is your dog hyper in the house, but you are afraid to take him out for a walk because you know they will walk you instead? It is really not as hard as one may think to get a dog to walk on a loose leash. If you are consistent, reinforce your dog for appropriate walking with praise and treats and stop and or change directions every time they pull, you can have a great walking companion in no time.

Do you have a picky eater that you always have to get samples of every new food or treat to make sure your dog will actually eat it? Do you have the dog that will only eat something once and then insist on something new and improved? You may be surprised that using positive reinforcement training may actually increase your dog’s motivation to eat. When your dog works for their food it builds drive or desire for the food. The food becomes a reward rather than just a daily give away. They will be more excited to get it if they have to earn it. I have seen this to be the case in several dogs, but I particularly think of a rescued adult Cocker Spaniel/ Poodle mix who was very picky about what he would eat. After several months of training he went from being a very finicky eater to enjoying a variety of different foods and would do a variety of tricks for plain ordinary kibble.Victor








Does your dog take off and not come back when you call, so you just can’t let him off leash anymore? Teaching your dog through positive reinforcement and play that coming back to you is the most exciting game that they can partake in will allow them more freedom and the ability to enjoy more activities with their owners.












Do you avoid parks, trails, or anywhere else you might come across other dogs simply because your dog becomes uncontrollable around other dogs? Instead of avoiding other dogs you can learn how to teach your dog which behaviors are acceptable and which behaviors are inappropriate. It is best to consult a professional trainer that has experience working with reactive dogs in this case.

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I have a passion for dog training. My Golden Retriever, River and I enjoy embarking on fun adventures! We enjoy learning new and fun dog sports and participating in doggy activities. I particularly enjoy teaching River tricks and he particularly loves anything that has to do with cookies, chasing squirrels, playing and generally having a good time. I am also an artist who enjoys painting, photography and other creative mediums.

  1. I’m not really a dog fan, but River is very well behaved. Sharon is an excellent dog trainer!

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