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The Yellow Ribbon Project

The Yellow Ribbon Project

The Yellow Dog Project Promotes adding a yellow ribbon to a dog leash to indicate that a dog needs spaceWe all know what a yellow ribbon tied around an old oak tree means. What about a yellow ribbon tied to a leash? Dog trainers around the world are promoting a new project that involves putting a yellow ribbon on a dogs leash as a sign that the dog needs space. Some owners are even buying a yellow leash or harness for their dog to show that they are a ‘yellow dog’.

So why might a dog need space? There are a variety of reasons that a dog may not be able to be approached by other dogs safely. It could be that the dog is aggressive or reactive to other dogs. They may have had a bad experience with another dog in the past, which results in a fear of other dogs. Perhaps the dog is from a shelter and never got the proper socializing they needed in order to be a confident well-adjusted dog.

Another time dogs will need space is after they had surgery or are recovering from an illness. My dog recently went to the vet for a skin reaction. He had several bumps all over his back. He was painful to the touch. His hair covered his rash though, so there were no visible signs that he had anything wrong. Since the vet didn’t know what it was she recommended that he not come in to contact with other dogs just in case he was contagious. This was a little difficult in the waiting room at the vets office with other owners letting their dog charge up to other dogs to ‘say hello’.

The Yellow Dog ProjectIf you see a dog wearing yellow, make sure to respect their space. If you see a dog without a yellow ribbon it is still a good idea to ask the owner if it is okay to approach them. For more information on the yellow dog project visit the website below.

The Yellow Dog Project

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