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Starting Seeds

Starting Seeds

You want to try starting seeds indoors and you’ve made a bunch of biodegradable seed starting pots so now what do you do?

A lot of newspaper pots for starting seeds.

Sharon and I made a lot of biodegradable pots this weekend.

The next step is to place your newspaper pots into a tray and fill them with potting soil.  It’s tempting to try to pack as much soil into each pot as you can but doing this will actually make it harder for your seeds to grow.  Seedlings need to be able to send roots down into the soil and if you pack it in tightly there isn’t as much space for the roots.

Fill the newspaper pots with soil.

I used a plastic spoon to fill my pots with soil.

All my newspaper pots are filled and ready for starting seeds.

It took quite a while to fill all these pots!

Once you have filled all of your seed pots water them well to help the soil settle.

Water well to settle the soil.

Now it’s time to plant the seeds!  Make a small hole near the center of each pot and place two to three seeds in each hole.  The seed packet will give you instructions on how deep to plant the seeds.

Use a pencil to make a hole for your seeds.

I use a pencil to make the holes for my seeds.

Tiny Chamomile Seeds.

When planting tiny seeds like these chamomile seeds I often just sprinkle them on top of the soil instead of making a hole for them.

Cover the trays with a clear plastic cover.  The trays I used came with covers but you can also use clear plastic wrap over your seed trays.  Seeds need two things to germinate: moisture and heat.  Covering the trays helps to retain both of these and can give your seeds a better chance of success.

Cover to retain moisture.

When you see the first seedlings emerge it’s time to remove the cover and place the tray in a sunny location.

The first seedlings.

Time to remove the cover!

Once your seedlings start to grow you’re going to have to thin them out.  We only want one plant in each seed pot so I like to take a pair of scissors and snip off all but the strongest seedling.

Thin the seedlings with scissors.

When the seedling has two pairs of leaves it is ready to move into a larger pot.  Because these newspaper pots are biodegradable you can place the entire seed pot inside the new pot.  When you do this you will want to cut holes in the bottom of the newspaper pot to ensure that the roots will be able to continue to grow.  Learn more about repotting plants here.

Score the bottom with a knife prior to transplanting.

What plants are you going to grow this year?  Are you starting seeds indoors or planting seeds directly outside?

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