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River’s Halloween Costumes

River’s Halloween Costumes

Each year since I got my golden retriever, River I have made him his very own Halloween costume. I started this when I was told about a costume contest that was taking place at a dog friendly department store. I found out about it last minute and didn’t have much time to create my dog’s costume but I decided to give it a try. Across the street from the store was a consignment shop so I decided to see if I could find anything to make a costume out of. I found a kids blue night gown that I thought might be just River’s size. I also found a shirt with fish all over it and a fisherman’s hat. I decided to dress River up as a fisherman in the River. I made him a hat to go with his outfit and I gave him a fishing pole. River loves to have something in his mouth.

River FIsherman 2River fisherman

The next year I decided to make River, Da vinci since his breeder goes by the name Davinci Goldens. I found a black velvet kids robe at a consignment shop that fit him well and I made him a beard out of yarn. I put some paint on a pallet and let it dry and let him hold that with a paint brush. I also found a shirt that could pass as an olden day style. I also held a frame and I went as Mona Lisa.

River Davinci

This year I came up with the idea of making River Sherlock Holmes. I started with a mans shirt that had a pattern that reminded me of Sherlock Holmes. I cut the sleeves to the right size and cut off the excess fabric from the back of the shirt.  



I used the extra fabric to make River a hat. I started with a cardboard brim.


I covered the brim with fabric.


I then made a frame for the top of the hat out of fabric.


I cut out triangular shapes to put together for the top of the hat.




I added fabric to the back of the hat as well.


I then added some fabric to bottom so that I had something to sew the sides of the fabric to.


I then added an elastic band so that the hat would stay on River’s head.



I also made River a bag and bought a pipe at a Halloween costume shop. River enjoyed all the attention he got as Sherlock Holmes.

DSCF4993 River Sherlock Holmes

River would like to invite everyone to vote for him in a Halloween costume contest until 10/27/2013

Vote for River

What activities are you participating in with your dog this Halloween? What is your dog going to be?

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