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River’s First Day, On The Job At PetSmart!

River’s First Day, On The Job At PetSmart!

DSCF4285I have begun a new job working at PetSmart. I am just finishing up my training to be a certified PetSmart trainer. As a trainer at PetSmart I am allowed to bring in my well behaved dog as a demo dog. Trainer’s dogs also get to take on the role of greeter when they are not in training class. Yesterday I had the opportunity to bring my golden retriever, River in for the very first time. River has been to PetSmart and a variety of other stores before, but coming in with me as an employee, was a very different experience. River began the day meeting fellow staff members at the store I am in training at. After today I will be going back to my regular store in South Brunswick. Everyone loved him and wanted to say high. Pet parents were coming up to pet River and ask about him. River got to meet some visiting dogs as well. During training classes he came into the training room to greet everyone. He was very excited that everyone had treats and he was going from one person to the next and if he didn’t receive a treat by sitting he tried to take their treat bags. I had to redirect him and give him other things he could do to earn treats. We will have to work on this a little bit when he starts coming in full time as my demo dog.

When one of the pet parents in training was trying to get her dog to ‘speak’ or bark on command River took her up on her request. He will do anything to earn a cookie. Later on he served as the distraction for the dogs in training as they practiced their commands around the store.

River’s favorite part about ‘working’ at PetSmart was showing off his repertoire of tricks. River loves to get a laugh and he also thinks it is wonderful when people clap for him. Some of the favorite tricks he offered were limping, playing dead and throwing away garbage. River’s favorite trick is limp too and I think it is because he gets such an excited reaction from people.

River is working a little bit on socializing particularly with kids. River doesn’t get to meet a lot of kids and he doesn’t like that they can be very unpredictable. So he got treats just for standing while he got petted by children. It seems that he will soon be very confident around them.

River slept in the break room while I ate my dinner. All the mental stimulation tired him out. Afterward he had a few minutes to play in the training room although he chose not to. He is a very mellow dog anyway.

At the end of the day River met another golden retriever that he decided he really liked and would love to play with! He gets extra excited when meeting particular dogs. Overall River had a great day and I am looking forward to him working with me full time when we go back to our store in South Brunswick. River and I both have lots of knowledge and a love of dog training to share!





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I have a passion for dog training. My Golden Retriever, River and I enjoy embarking on fun adventures! We enjoy learning new and fun dog sports and participating in doggy activities. I particularly enjoy teaching River tricks and he particularly loves anything that has to do with cookies, chasing squirrels, playing and generally having a good time. I am also an artist who enjoys painting, photography and other creative mediums.

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