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Reusing old CD’s – How to keep birds out of the garden

Reusing old CD’s – How to keep birds out of the garden

I’m always on the lookout for environmentally friendly ways to keep critters out of the garden.  A simple fence will stop many animals but it will not deter birds who can fly over it.  Here’s an easy project that will help keep birds out of your vegetables that calls for reusing old CD’s and other items you have around the house.

For this project you will need some old CD’s, old key rings or cording to connect them together, and cording to hang them with.  The first thing I did was use my Cropadile to punch holes in the CD’s.  I punched two holes on opposite sides of each CD so that I would be able to connect them together using key rings.  If you don’t have a tool that will cut through the plastic CD’s or you’re not planning to use key rings you can skip this step.

Punching a hole in the CD

I opened my key rings using split ring pliers and inserted one into each hole.

Open the split ring and use it to connect the CD's.

Reusing old CD's - Two split rings joining two CD's

After that I connected a series of CD’s together and added a piece of cording at one end to serve as a hanger.  If you are not using key rings you can use pieces of cording to connect all the CD’s together.

Reusing old CD's - All the CD's are connected

Then take them out to the garden and hang them up.

Reusing old CD's - Hang them in the garden to keep birds away from your plants.

CD's hanging from the trellis.

CD's hanging near the strawberry plants.

Now hopefully the birds will stay away from these strawberry plants so I can enjoy eating some of the berries!

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  1. This is a great project! I need to pick up a
    Cropadile and give this a try!

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