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Easy Piano Music Page Turning with The Binder Clip: An Essential in My Musicians Tool Kit

Easy Piano Music Page Turning with The Binder Clip: An Essential in My Musicians Tool Kit


Melinda gave me this great bag for Christmas. I’ve named it the musician’s toolkit. The bag is filled with pencils, erasers and binder clips. Okay, so pencils are a necessity for any musician and erasers come in handy, but binder clips?


One challenge that every musician encounters is turning pages. Over the years I’ve come up with various methods including attaching paper clips to my piano music and {discretely} tossing pages onto the floor when no longer needed, among others.

Piano music easy page turn with binder clips

But the binder clip has revolutionized the page turning process. Attaching a binder clip to my piano music is a trick that I picked up from my bell choir director. The clip separates the pages, adds just enough weight to it, and makes it easy to grab. I especially like the petite sized binder clips as they’re just heavy enough to not weigh down the page and easy to grab. Once you’ve tried the binder clip, there is no turning back.

My musicians toolkit has binder clips that make my piano music easy to turn

My musicians toolkit attaches to my music bag so I’m never without a binder clip when I need one. Thanks Melinda!

My music bag with my piano music and my musician's toolkit

How to make the musician’s toolkit

This little kit is quick and easy to make.  You’ll need some worsted weight yarn, a size F Tunisian crochet hook (if you don’t have a Tunisian hook you can use a regular hook that does not have a flattened grip), a safety pin or locking stitch marker, a zipper (I used a 7-inch purse zipper), a carabiner clip, sewing thread, and a sewing needle.

With the Tunisian hook chain 20 (this is the height of the bag so if you’d like a deeper or shallower bag just adjust the length of the chain).  Work in Tunisian Simple Stitch until the piece is twice the length of the zipper.  Put a safety pin or locking stitch marker in the live chain to secure it while you attach the zipper.  With the sewing thread and sewing needle sew the zipper to the top edge of the bag.  If you start with the beginning end of your crocheted piece you will be able to easily add or subtract a few rows if necessary.  Remove the safety pin and join the two sides of the bag by slip stitching them together.  Continue along the bottom.  When you reach the fold turn the work and slip stitch back across the bottom and up the side to the spot where you’d like to attach the carabiner clip.  Again working in Tunisian simple stitch pick up five stitches and work in rows until you have a flap long enough to go around the side of the clip.  Attach the side of the flap to the bag by slip stitching them together.  Fasten off and weave in your ends, attach your clip and you’re all set!

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