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Old Headboard Repurposed into Garden Fence

Old Headboard Repurposed into Garden Fence

Repurpose an Old Headboard Into a Garden Fence

A few years ago, we rescued a metal headboard from heading to the landfill. Originally brass, it was spray painted a flat black. It worked well, but I’m ready for a change. What to do with the old headboard? Throw it out? Certainly not!

Old Headboard repurposed into Garden FenceBefore discarding something, I like to see if I can re-purpose it. A few months ago, we converted an old dresser into a really neat bathroom vanity. The vanity is now the coolest piece of furniture in the house! I’m sure I can find a new use for this old headboard.

Next to our shed we have a compost area, which was previously hidden by a rustic white picket fence. Last summer, a strong, windy storm brought down a large branch in our backyard, taking out the fence. I had wanted to replace it with an old iron fence, but haven’t had much luck finding one at the Habitat for Humanity Restore. I looked at some decorative vinyl garden fence panels, but preferred something with more character. So I decided to repurpose my old headboard into the new garden fence.

For this project, we used 1 old headboard, 1 left-over can of black spray paint, an old wooden post cut in half, and a wrench. We had all the supplies on hand, so our new fence was FREE!

Old Headboard repurposed into a Garden Fence

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The new garden fence turned out great. And the best part? It was FREE! Do you have something that you’d like to repurpose? Tell us about it!

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