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My New Year’s Resolution Project!

My New Year’s Resolution Project!

In 2001 I Will New Years Resolutions of a Dog Owner

At the start of every New Year people look to set new goals and challenges for the upcoming year. Usually it becomes problematic when the goals are set to be too high or almost impossible to meet, because they set a goal that requires an entire change in life style. This year I decided to try to make a resolution that would be easy to keep, and both fun and beneficial. Being a dog person I decided to come up with a list of goals that would not only benefit myself, but also benefit my dog River. I decided to keep 12 of them. It seemed a good number since it matches the number of months in the year. That way we can easily keep track of our progress by seeing how many we have accomplished and how many months we have left to go. The goals we chose are the following:

  1. Try a brand new dog sport or activity that River and I have not tried yet.
  2. Find one new form of exercise that benefits both dog and owner that we have not yet tried.
  3. Find a dog friendly location that we haven’t been to yet.
  4. Attend a dog friendly event that is different from those we have attended in the past.
  5. Attend a dog training seminar that is very different from those we have already taken.
  6. Teach River one new complex trick only using clicker training.
  7. Earn one title in an event we have not yet competed in.
  8. Work to improve one of River’s fears.
  9. Try one new use of technology in regards to dog training, dog activity or general dog care.
  10. Increase the amount of fruits and vegetables in River’s diet.
  11. Make home cooked meals or treats for River at least once a month.
  12. Design a plan/schedule for regular grooming, teeth brushing and regular skin exams (including tick checks).

For the most part all the goals are pretty simple yet they can all become more complex depending on how involved we decide to make them. All of them involve trying new things and becoming healthier (either physically or mentally). Most of the goals are things that I will enjoy and want to do anyway, which helps to insure they will be completed. Since we have 12 new, wonderful goals for the New Year that will be beneficial to our health and a lot of fun; it looks like 2013 will be a delightful year for both of us.

What New Year Resolutions do you have? What New Year resolutions does your dog (or other pet) have?

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I have a passion for dog training. My Golden Retriever, River and I enjoy embarking on fun adventures! We enjoy learning new and fun dog sports and participating in doggy activities. I particularly enjoy teaching River tricks and he particularly loves anything that has to do with cookies, chasing squirrels, playing and generally having a good time. I am also an artist who enjoys painting, photography and other creative mediums.

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