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Mudroom Renovation: Hardwood Floors Refinished

Mudroom Renovation: Hardwood Floors Refinished

We first started our mud room renovation by removing the old linoleum floors to expose the original hardwoods beneath. During this endeavor, we uncovered a few surprises. First, the floors were coated in a black tar-like substance, which is easily removed by sanding. Second, there were a number of holes where plumbing once was, as the kitchen was originally located in the back of the house and later moved to its current location–these will require patching. The last discovery was that there were several large areas of missing floor where new boards would need to be inserted.

Although we had installed hardwood floors in our office space and finished them ourselves, we decided to call  the pros for this project. The main floor is much larger and required a lot of repair. And, we wanted to get this projected completed as fast as possible. Having the floors done while living in our home was quite interesting. If you’re considering refinishing your floors, you may want to consider some of these tips.

  1. Remove EVERYTHING. All furniture and appliances need to be removed from the floor(s) that are being refinished. Because the floors in the powder room needed substantial repair, we had to completely disassemble that as well. This is a great time to sell or donate items you don’t need, want or use. Be sure to empty kitchen cabinets, take down curtains or blinds, and cover anything that you want to protect. Sanding the floors will produce a lot of dust that will coat everything and get inside cabinets.
  2. Seal off the rest of the house. We taped a large sheet of plastic across the top of the stairs to minimize dust on the second floor.
  3. Don’t refinish your floors during winter. It is important to properly ventilate your home during this process. All windows need to be open. I’d also recommend using fans to draw air through the house to dissipate the fumes as quickly as possible. As luck would have it, the weather was very mild with temperatures reaching into the 60s during this project.
  4. Make rags from old shirts. Dust gets everywhere. You’ll need to wipe down walls and clean out cabinets before moving things back in. Use rags cut from old shirts or other worn fabrics for cleaning, then toss into the washing machine. Alternatively, consider ordering a Groupon Voucher for a cleaning service ahead of time to take care of this step.
  5. Rent moving blankets. Most rental services have reusable moving blankets that you can rent for a few days. Pick up a pack to protect the newly finished floors while moving the furniture back in. Not only are they inexpensive, but are generally made from recycled materials, and are washed upon return and reused many more times.
  6. Simplify and rearrange.While the furniture is out, consider if it all needs to re-emerge, or if pieces would work better in a new layout. We used this opportunity to edit and move things around a bit to make the space function more efficiently and feel more open.

The finished floors look great, furniture is back in, and we’re ready to revamp the powder room, install pantry shelving, and put up our cabinetry. Check back soon for an exciting re-purposed vanity project!

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