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Jug Upcycled into DIY Watering Can

Jug Upcycled into DIY Watering Can

Watering A Hanging Basket Overhead with a watering can

It’s the time of year to think about beautifying our homes with flowers. I have a collection of pots and hanging baskets that I often fill with a variety of flowers and plants. Potted plants and hanging baskets really dress up my wrap-around porch, concrete steps, and deck. Once the plants fill out, the mixture of plants adds a lot of visual interest. The hardest part of potted plants? Remembering to water them!

The most challenging part of water plants in hanging baskets is that I’m not overly tall. I normally hold the watering can over my head and manage to water myself along with the plant. So, it thought I’d give this easy DIY watering can project a try. All you need is an old laundry jug and a drill! We can make a great watering can faster than running out to the store–and no need to buy anything!
upcycle-a-plastic-laundry- jug-into-a-diy-watering-can01
Start with an empty laundry jug that we will upcycle into a watering can. Pull it out of the recycling bin and WASH WELL! Plants aren’t fond of chemicals–we want to make sure that there isn’t any chemical or residue left in the bottle.

After the jug is thoroughly cleaned out, screw the cap back onto the bottle, and pull out a drill with a small drill bit. I used the smallest bit we had, about 1/8″. A smaller drill bit would work well also.

Slowly and carefully drill a series of holes into the top of the lid. You’ll want to press down on the drill firmly, but not too hard as it is easy to crack the plastic. Drill about 6 holes or so, spaced out around the cap.

upcycle-a-plastic-laundry- jug-into-a-diy-watering-can02upcycle-a-plastic-laundry- jug-into-a-diy-watering-can04upcycle-a-plastic-laundry- jug-into-a-diy-watering-can05

upcycle-a-plastic-laundry- jug-into-a-diy-watering-can06That’s it! Our upcycled DIY watering can is done. Fill it up with water and give it a try!

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