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How to Make a Shell Necklace

How to Make a Shell Necklace

Cape May New Jersey Shell made into a necklace

Last year, I picked up some shells during a stay in Cape May, NJ. One shell in particular was shaped perfectly to be a pendant necklace. Not knowing how to make a shell necklace, I gathered together some beads from a few broken bracelets and a worn pearl necklace and took them to Melinda, an expert Jewelry Creator & Instructor.


How to Make a Shell Necklace

How to Make a Shell Necklace

This is the shell that I picked up on vacation. I think it will make a gorgeous pendant! I’m glad that Melinda can teach me how to make a shell necklace!¬†We asked Dad to drill a small hole in the top of the shell, down just far enough to accommodate a jump ring. Shells can crack when drilling a hole–this step is best left to an experienced driller. Once the hole was drilled Melinda inserted a jump ring onto the hole.

How to Make a Shell Necklace

I had a few broken bracelets and an old pearl necklace that I chose to repurpose into my new necklace. We started by disassembling the necklace and unstringing all of the beads. The finish was rubbing off of some of the pearls so I separated them into useable beads and beads that I’d save for something else.

How to Make a Shell Necklace

First step is to lay out the beads on a bead board. The pendant was placed in the middle then I started laying out the beads on both sides. It took me a few tries to find a pattern that I was happy with. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different combinations until you come up with a layout that you’re happy with.

How to Make a Shell Necklace

Melinda cut a piece of beading wire and I started stringing the beads.

How to Make a Shell Necklace

When I reached the center point, I slipped on the shell pendant.

How to Make a Shell Necklace

It looks like a necklace!

How to Make a Shell Necklace

After the beads were strung, Melinda added a crimp bead and half of the clasp.


Then she used her crimping pliers to close the crimp bead.


A crimp bead and the other side of the clasp were added to the other side.


Again, the crimping tool!


The final step in my lesson of how to make a shell necklace is feeding the wire back through the beads about 1″.


And the excess wire is trimmed. Lesson over!


I love my finished necklace! Thanks to Melinda for teaching me how to make a shell necklace.

My first necklace! It wasn’t a difficult project, and didn’t take a lot of time. Lucky for me, Melinda has all the necessary tools and supplies. Plus, since I reused beads from broken bracelets & an old necklace, I didn’t have to buy anything. Now I can wear my beautiful vacation souvenir and recall the wonderful time we had.

How do you preserve your vacation memories? Give this project a try!

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