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How to build a simple fence for your raised garden {slideshow}

How to build a simple fence for your raised garden {slideshow}

biodegradable-pots-for-starting-seeds-how-to-build-a-garden-fenceAs summer is quickly approaching, I’ve been eagerly awaiting the best part of summer–fresh  farm-stand & home-grown vegetables. I started my seeds several weeks ago using biodegradable pots for starting seeds made from newspaper. As soon as the seedlings were large enough, I transplanted them into my raised vegetable garden.

I find transplanting seedlings very challenging. In the past, I’ve grown plants from seeds only to have them die after being planted in the garden. This year, I made sure to read up on hardening off the plants. To ensure their success, it is important to put the plants outside in a protected area for 1 week before transplanting. During the week, I kept a close eye on them, covering them at night if the temperature was cold, and sheltering them during drenching rain storms. After a couple of weeks in the garden, the seedlings are doing well and getting stronger every day.

Now that they plants are established, the second biggest challenge is shared by many: finding ways to keep animals out of your garden. I opted to protect my vegetables by building a simple fence.

Along with an army of marigold plants, I hope that building a fence will protect my vegetable garden. What are other ways to keep animals out of your garden?

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