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How to Build A Garden

How to Build A Garden

How to Build a Garden - Fresh VegetablesEvery year, I look forward to the best part of summer…freshly harvested fruits and vegetables bursting with flavor. Most years, I grow a vegetable garden with some of my favorites: tomatoes, snap peas, snow peas, peppers, zucchini, and squash. Rather than plant a garden last year, I relied on the local farmers’ market for fresh produce. Why visit the farmers’ market? Several farms sell their bounties at the market, guaranteeing a variety of produce and great prices.

Although I like the variety available and the spectacular prices at the farmers’ market, this year I decided I’d revisit planting a garden.


How to Build A Garden: Choosing a Location


Since I didn’t grow a garden last year, the old garden has disappeared into the lawn. So, I’ve decided to build a new, raised garden bed. The first step to building my new garden is choosing a location that gets plenty of sun. Make sure that the garden is located far away from trees, buildings, or anything else that may obstruct the sun. Be sure to check the sunlight in the proposed location at different times during the day before making a decision. The spot that I chose gets both morning and afternoon sun.


How to Build A Garden: Construction of the Raised Bed


For my raised garden bed, I’m using two 2x6x12  pressure treated boards and one 2x6x8 board cut into two 4-foot pieces (the final size of my garden will be 12 foot x 4 foot).

After settling on a garden location and laying out the boards, it’s time to screw them together using lag bolts. Before attaching the boards, check the cup of the board. You’ll notice in the picture above that the left side of the board has a slight curve to it. This should go on the inside of the garden. Putting the curved side towards the outside will cause the board to bow over time.

How to build a garden: DIY Raised Garden Bed

Pre-drill holes for the lag bolts, otherwise the wood might split.

How to Build a Garden: DIY Raise Bed Project

Now add the bolt. You’ll want two bolts on each corner for stability.

How to Build a Garden: Easy DIY Raised Garden Bed Project

Before securing the last corner, measure the diagonal length of both sets of opposites corners to ensure that the raised garden bed is square. If the two measurements are not equal, you’ll need to adjust the boards a bit and re-measure.

How to Build a Garden: Easy DIY Raised Garden Bed Project

Hooray! It’s starting to  look like a raised garden bed!


How to Build a Garden: The Foundation

How to Build a Garden: Easy DIY Raised Garden Bed Project

Now it’s time to dig out the grass. First mark along the inside edge of the garden using a shovel, then slide the garden out of the way for easier digging.

How to Build a Garden: Easy DIY Raised Garden Bed Project

Dig away!

How to Build a Garden: Easy DIY Raised Garden Bed Project

After removing the grass, the raised garden frame is put back into place.


To secure the raised garden, add an 18″ long pressure treated 2×2 to each corner.

How to Build a Garden: Easy DIY Raised Garden Bed Project

Hammer the steak into the ground until the top is below the top of the frame.

How to Build a Garden: Easy DIY Raised Garden Bed Project

Check level of the sides adjacent to the steak and adjust as needed before securing with screws.


How to Build a Garden: The Dirt

How to Build a Garden: Easy DIY Raised Garden Bed Project

Onto the most important step — the dirt. We head over to the local library where the municipality offers free mulch and compost, and loaded up the truck with a dirt / compost mixture. It’s important to amend the soil with compost so that the plants receive the proper nutrients.


After a lot of shoveling, the raised garden bed is ready for planting!

Raised Vegetable Garden Easy DIY Project

Are you planting a garden this year?  Check out Melinda’s biodegradable seed starters–easy to make from a sheet of newspaper, and her tips about starting seeds. My seeds are off to a good start!


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