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Free Dog Training Resources (Online)

Free Dog Training Resources (Online)

Are you looking for dog training information? There are several different dog training resources available online. I enjoy learning more about dog training via online forums. My favorite is the Golden Retriever Forum. This forum has information on a variety of topics including training, health, finding a breeder, and stories about individual dogs. Although this forum is based on Golden Retrievers, all dog owners may find useful information here. If you have a favorite breed try searching for a forum that is specific to your breed. I also enjoy the dog trick academy. This forum is more specific to training and particularly specializes in tricks with some categories for general dog topics.

Another good place to find dog resources is on kennel club websites such as the American Kennel Club or the United Kennel Club. These clubs have various dog sport events listed as well as different dog information. Another resource is the APDT or the association of pet dog trainers. This website has a list of dog trainers and information on competing in Rally. The APDT welcomes mixed breed dogs to compete as well as pure bred dogs.

I also enjoy reading dog training articles that are written in the Whole Dog Journal. This online resource is authored by some of the top dog professionals including trainers and veterinarians. Some of the articles require paying for a subscription, but a lot of the articles are free.

My favorite online resource for dog training ideas is actually youtube. You can find several free dog training tutorials from skilled trainers. My favorite youtube trainer is Kikopup. She primarily uses clicker training and always uses positive reinforcement. Some other notable trainers that offer how to videos include Pamelamarxsen, tab289 and Zakgeorge21.

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I have a passion for dog training. My Golden Retriever, River and I enjoy embarking on fun adventures! We enjoy learning new and fun dog sports and participating in doggy activities. I particularly enjoy teaching River tricks and he particularly loves anything that has to do with cookies, chasing squirrels, playing and generally having a good time. I am also an artist who enjoys painting, photography and other creative mediums.

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