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Easy Rice Cooker Spanish Rice

Easy Rice Cooker Spanish Rice

I’ve been trying to avoid pre-packaged foods as much as possible. Although convenient, most are loaded with sodium and other un-healthy additives.

A healthy alternative to packaged rice mixes, I love the Lundberg Rice Blends. Available in many varieties, the custom blends of whole grain and brown rices are fantastic. Loaded with wholesome ingredients, they are an all natural product. However, these are not five-minute rices and can be inconvenient for weeknight meals as they require 45 minutes of cooking time.Rice cooker Spanish rice made with oyster 6 cup rice cooker

A few weeks ago, having some Kohl’s cash to spend, I picked up this fabulous Oster 6-cup Rice Cooker. This kitchen appliance is fabulous! So easy to use–simply measure out the rice & water in a 1:1 ratio, pop on the lid, turn it on, and come back later to find a cooked pot of rice.

After success with plain rice, I thought I’d try an easy rice cooker Spanish rice. To keep on the healthy theme, be sure to choose an all natural canned tomato with a low sodium count, and add fresh chopped onions and peppers to the rice.

[gmc_recipe 3451]

Rice cooker Spanish rice is fantastic! Much more flavorful than a packaged rice mix, and much healthier. This summer, why not try this recipe using garden-fresh tomatoes & peppers, and fresh herbs?


  1. This looks good. I don’t have a rice cooker, I wonder if this could be adapted for a slow cooker.

    • It is excellent. It probably could be adapted, but may not have the same texture. The rice cooker brings the contents to a boil then reduces the heat and simmers. I’d recommend buying a small rice cooker–I was amazed at how well the rice cooks compared to regular stove top cooking!

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