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Easy Pickles

Easy Pickles

easy_pickels-save-money-by-making-your-own-pickelsiThe June 21, 2013 issue of All You magazine featured an article titled “Shave more than $100 off your grocery bills this month,” listing several creative DIY savings strategies. Always looking for ways to save money, I spotted a few I’d like to try.

One tip that caught my eye was, in essence, an easy pickle recipe. The article suggested that rather than discarding the pickle juice remaining after eating a jar of pickles, to simply chop up a cucumber and add it to the jar of liquid. And, in a few days, there will be more pickles! I was intrigued. I had come across a no-cook make & serve pickle recipe awhile back that sounded interesting. This idea is even simpler. But, will it work?

Armed with a jar of pickle juice and a farm stand cucumber, I thought I’d give it a try.

Easy Pickles


First, I stopped at a local farm stand and picked up a field-grown cucumber. At 3 for $1, it was a bargain! And, it’s garden fresh.


The cucumber can be sliced into rounds or spears. I like to have pickles on my sandwich, so I choose rounds. Slice your cucumber as thick or thin as you’d like.


Load up the jar! The variety of pickles that I used had carrots, red peppers, and garlic cloves in the juice–I left all of these in the jar for added flavor. That’s it! Place the jar of easy pickles into the refrigerator.

Two days later, I tried my easy pickles. They taste like pickles! I’ll admit, they’re not as soft as the original pickles, but I bet they will soften over time. Overall, I’d say this experiment was a success and I’ll try this again. Next time I’m at the farm stand, I’ll have to pick up another cucumber. At $0.33 for a new jar of pickles, this is definitely a great way to use the leftover pickle juice while saving money.

If you’re growing cucumbers in your garden and you like pickles, give easy pickles a try!

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