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Dog Event (NJ)

Dog Event (NJ)

Dog Event NJ

River and I will be attending an event next month. It will consist of a variety of activities including a 5K run followed by a 5K walk. Then there will be time to explore various vendors as well as take part in dog activities and watch some demos. I love to hear about local dog events and I look at them as training opportunities. This event has a variety of activities that will be wonderful for training. I signed up to hand out water to the runners and depending on how it is set up I may have River on a tie down near the table where the water is going to be distributed. Runners, particularly groups of runners provide lots of stimulation for dogs. Dogs may want to chase or play with people that are moving quickly. They also may beĀ  nervous by so many different people moving quickly. It may look to the dog like the runners are going to run right up to them. Runners also make more noise then walkers do which could entice a dog to follow or make a dog more fearful.

Dog 5K Walk & RunAfter the run I am planning to take River on the 5K walk. For this activity River will need to work on his loose leash walking with lots of distractions. There will be lots of other people and dogs that will be walking around him.

Afterward we will take part in some dog activities and we were even asked to give one of the dog trick demos. I will pack a lot of tasty treats to help keep his focus in front of an audience. River is very easily distracted by laughter and I am not sure how he will be if there is applause.

Dog at event with lots of mental stimulationWith a variety of venders around the event there will be a lot of mental stimulation and distractions. There will be other types of animals as well as people wanting to pet and socialize with the dogs attending the event. There will also be food, tents, music and novel things that dogs don’t get to see very often.

This event located in Mercer county, NJ and put on by Attitudes In Reverse promises to be an exciting event for dog owners. There will be plenty of dog training opportunities as well.

Bring plenty of water and supplies to a dog eventIf you are planning to attend this event or another dog event with your dog, remember to bring everything your dog will need for the day including water, their water bowl, clean up bags and special treats. Remember to keep your dog on a leash and make sure they are under control. It is advisable to use a short leash, generally 6 feet or less. Flexi leashes tend to get in the way at large scale events. It is always good to keep an eye on your dog and make sure they are being appropriate. Some events may require proof of vaccinations as well.

For more information about this event visit the sight below:

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