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Celebrate Earth Day

Celebrate Earth Day

Earth day poster from 1970

Earth day began on Aprill 22, 1970, to promote environmental awareness. Traditionally, Earth Day is a time to reflect on the environment and ways that we can make it better. Retailers nationwide are celebrating Earth Day by offering free reusable shopping bags and highlighting Eco-friendly products in their sales flyers. Schools, community organizations, and agricultural and environmental groups often celebrate Earth Day by sponsoring events & activities aimed towards educating both children and adults about the importance of caring for the environment.

Celebrate Earth Day Everyday!

celebrate-earth-dayI strongly believe that environmental awareness and action are necessary, and celebrating Earth Day is an important step. But, let’s not stop there! Here are some easy ways that we can extend our environmental concern throughout the year and make every day Earth Day!

Celebrate Earth DayCatnip
Plants are always a welcome addition to the environment, and many have benefits beyond aesthetics. Catnip, a feline favorite, offers some protection from fleas. Catnip is also a natural mosquito repellent when leaves are crushed and rubbed on skin. Of course, cuttings can be dried and added to DIY pet toys.

Celebrate Earth Day! Install a RainbarrelInstall A Rain-barrel
Last year, I received a very nice Rain-barrel for my birthday. A Rain-barrel is a great way to harvest rainwater and use it to water a garden. Rain-barrels can be our based, or create your own from a trash can or old barrel. Many agricultural or community groups offer workshops that include the supplies needed to make your own Rain-barrel. Rutgers University periodically offers workshops in NJ, or simply search for your state + Rain-barrel Workshop to find one near you.

celebrate-earth-day-start-a-compost-binStart a Compost Bin
Why compost? According to the NY Times, “uneaten food also rots in landfills, generating as much as a quarter of this country‚Äôs emissions of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas.” Keep food waste out of the landfill by starting a compost bin. Use the compost to add needed nutrients to your garden. Your plants & the environment will thank you! Learn more about building a compost bin.

Celebrate Earth Day. Visit a Nature Center.Go for a Nature Walk
Find a nature center near you, and visit it periodically. Instead of a day at the movies, pack a picnic lunch and enjoy a family hike. Many nature centers offer family fun days where you can learn more about the wildlife and ways that you can help preserve it.

Check with your local town, community center, or park to see if they are having a clean-up day. Get your family involved in caring for your local areas by picking up trash, planting flowers, and more.

capitol hill yard saleShop a Yard Sale
If you’re in the market for some new furniture, clothes, decor, or any household purchase, shop a few local yard sales or thrift stores before heading to a retail store. You may be able to find a gently used item that will suit your needs while saving a bundle of cash and keeping somebody’s castaways out of a landfill. Doing some spring cleaning? Don’t throw it out–hold you’re own yard sale or donate unwanted items to a local thrift store.

03713a5dReuse It
Need a container to hold your button collection, or a storage solution for your jewelry? Look to your recycling bin! Commercial storage solutions are plentiful, but you might not need to purchase anything! Think creatively and reuse items that you may discard otherwise.

In short, let’s aim to simplify. The less we consume, the more the environment and future generations will thank us! How will you be celebrating Earth Day and beyond?

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