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24 – Doggie Christmas Movie

24 – Doggie Christmas Movie

This year I decided to make a Christmas movie starring my well trained golden retriever. River and I are thoroughly enjoyed this project! Here is our Christmas movie:

Tips to make your own doggie Christmas movie:

Cater to your dog’s strengths; Incorporate tricks or behaviors your dog does naturally or has already learned. Use Christmas props in place of other props you would regularly use. For example if your dog jumps through a hoop; why not replace the hoop with a Christmas wreath.

Consider your background; remove unnecessary clutter from the background. You may want to put up some Christmas decorations to add to the atmosphere. Make sure you have plenty of lighting so you can see your subject.  If you have a non-shedding or long haired dog you may want to do the taping directly after their hair cut so they are looking their best. Add some Christmas music. Here is the link I used to download free royalty free Christmas music.

Take your time; Give your dog plenty of breaks. You can tape over the course of days rather then trying to tape for hours straight. Reward your dog throughout with lots of praise and treats. Most importantly make sure you and your dog are having a good time!

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I have a passion for dog training. My Golden Retriever, River and I enjoy embarking on fun adventures! We enjoy learning new and fun dog sports and participating in doggy activities. I particularly enjoy teaching River tricks and he particularly loves anything that has to do with cookies, chasing squirrels, playing and generally having a good time. I am also an artist who enjoys painting, photography and other creative mediums.

  1. I love river! just saying 🙂 this is too cute

  2. What a creative video–please share some more!

  3. Love Goldens and River is very talented. Loved watching him trim the tree. Thanks for sharing.

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