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18 – Christmas Pet Photo Ideas

18 – Christmas Pet Photo Ideas

Although I am not a professional photographer, I do enjoy taking pictures just for fun. I particularly like to take pictures of my golden retriever. I came up with some creative ideas for our Christmas photo shoot this year.

Here is a simple Christmas photo. My golden retriever River is laying on a couch with a green and white flower print cover. This plain light-colored background helps to brings out the subject. I tied a bright red Christmas bow to his collar to add a splash of color and Christmas flare.

Here is another simple Christmas photo. Set up a plain colored blanket on your dogs favorite place to rest. When your dog decides to lay down, place some ornaments or other decorations around them. This creates a simple festive picture that is great for any dog, but may be especially nice for an older dog or couch potato.

For this photo I had a helper hold up a Christmas wreath by a string. I zoomed in to cut out the extra background so that just my dog and the Christmas wreath were in the picture. This picture would make a great cover for a Christmas card.

Here is a simple Christmas photo of River with the Christmas wreath laid over him like a giant collar. I made sure to use a light weight wreath.

In this photo I had River lay down next to the Christmas tree. I gave him a Santa hat and he held a homemade Christmas ornament. I did not want the picture to have the whole tree in the background. The subject of the picture is my dog and the tree adds to the picture and takes the shape of the photo rather than becoming part of the subject as a whole Christmas tree would.






For these photos I used an extra branch that had been removed from our Christmas tree. I trimmed the branch and cut a large piece off of it. I decorated the two branches with ornaments. I then crisscrossed the branches and gave them to River to hold. River is sitting on a couch draped with a plain red blanket.









I hope you enjoy creating your own holiday pet photos this season! Please share a link to your favorite pet photos!


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  1. Love all those ideas and the pics all came out amazing!

  2. I just love the one with wreath. and the one with the Bow is cute too!

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