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16 – Green Christmas: Re-purposed Card Display & Decorating with Pine Branches

16 – Green Christmas: Re-purposed Card Display & Decorating with Pine Branches

A week ago, the first floor of my home was bare–as part of our mud room renovation, we had the floors on the main level refinished. So, we had to  remove all of our furniture, and were able to put it back last weekend. As we started putting things back in, we decided to rearrange and purge a bit. In prior years, we generally decorated the same way each year. But, since some furniture was rearranged, and some removed, I thought I’d try some new ideas this year.

Creative Christmas Card Display

What do you do with your beautiful Christmas cards once they arrive in the mail?

Repurpouse an old shutter into a creative Christmas Card Display

If you happen to have an old shutter in your shed (as I have several), why not give this a try? First, spray paint it a festive color (I choose a deep red), add a few embellishments, and use mini clothespins to clip the cards onto the slats. This is an easy way to re-purpose  something that may have been thrown out into a fun, rustic display piece!

Ribbon Christmas Card Display

No shutter? Here is a very simple solution. Simply use a length of wide wired ribbon. Form a bow, leaving two long tails. Use one tail to drape over the back of the door (secure to the door as needed), and clip the cards to the remaining tail using mini clothes pins.


Fun with Pine Branches

When we picked out our Christmas tree last weekend, the man at the lot cut a few branches off of the bottom so that it would fit into our Christmas tree stand. When I asked if I could keep the discarded branches, he probably thought it was a strange request. But, I find that adding a few pine branches to the decor adds a rustic charm.

Pine Branch and Christmas Balls Displayed on a Two-Tiered Cake Plate

I pulled out a two-tiered cake stand that doesn’t see much action, and decided to use it to decorate the server in my dining room. I lined each plate with small pine branches, and place a candle on the top tier. I then piled on some vintage Christmas balls that haven’t been used in years, pine cones, and potpourri.

Re-purposed mini-muffin pan into candle holder

Earlier today, I came across a mini-muffin pan that had rusty cups. I thought it would be nice to re-purpose it into a potpourri / candle holder. I simply filled half of the cups with potpourri, and half of the cups with tea light candles. It looks great, and smells great too!

Decorating with Pine Branches

The Christmas ball display and mini-muffin candles added some much-needed color to the server, but the bottom shelf remained bare. So, I arranged a bed of pine branches on the shelf, put a ceramic candle holder in the center, and interspersed a few pine cones for added interest.

Decorating with Pine Branches

Onto the buffet. I added a few more pine branches and pine cones to unify all of the decorations (and disguise the eclectic collection of candles!)

The dining room is really starting to come together. The table still needs a centerpiece–luckily I’m not expecting guests for another week.

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