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14 – A Holiday Scarf

14 – A Holiday Scarf

For Christmas this year my mother asked for a scarf.  She wanted one that was very wide and would match her reversible winter coat.  I decided to try knitting a reversible scarf using the same colors that are in her coat.  After taking a look at a number of knitted motives I chose a snowflake and used that as the basis for my design.

I cast-on with both colors held together as one.  Then on my first row I knit the dark blue stitches and purled the light blue.

The next row I knitted the light blue stitches and purled the dark blue.

Now it’s time to start my snowflake pattern!

Looks like I have a lot of knitting ahead of me if I’m going to finish this in time for Christmas!  Here’s the diagram I’m using for this scarf.

And here’s a narrower pattern if you prefer a skinnier scarf.

Happy knitting!

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